Stir fried carrot and pea


  • Peas 150g
  • Carrot 200g
  • Ginger 15g, diced
  • Green onion (onion) 20g, diced
  • Cooking oil 20g
  • Salt 3g


  1. Shred the carrot into tiny blocks.
  2. Wash the peas and remove the water.
  3. Pour the cooking oil into a wok and turn on the stove, when oil gets hot add the ginger and stir fry.
  4. When there's good smell coming out add the carrot and keep stir frying.
  5. After one minute add the peas and continue stir frying.
  6. After two minutes add some water into the wok, till it covers all the materials and slowly stir fry them.
  7. When the water is almost gone add the green onion (onion) and salt and stir, when everything's mixed well the dish is ready.
Have your food with joy!


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